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Marc Carriere

CEO of Marketing Tactics & Creator of yourleadEngine

✰ Lead Generation Expert ✰ Author ✰ Marketing Consultant 

The most frustrating aspect of running a business today is getting high quality leads that convert.

“The problem with most lead gen strategies today that are based on white papers, special reports or Google Adwords is that you don’t know anything about the person except their contact details and perhaps some fairly generic demographics.  

This means you can’t talk to their specific needs and problems, and as a result your engagement and close rates are average at best. You find the same thing using cold call lists where you'd be lucky to get better than a 2 - 3% conversion rate.” 

Marc Carriere  

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  • The 5 Pillars of Creating Contests That Act as Lead Magnets That Convert

The most surprising thing about generating a wealth of high-converting leads is that it doesn't need to be a stressful or a disappointing experience!  

The key to getting the leads you need to crush your sales targets is gathering the right consumer intelligence... because this added knowledge consistently translates into high conversion rates. 

And, what consumer intelligence are we talking about: Which products or services your prospects are interested in right now, and when they want to buy them!

Once you harness the power of this proven lead generation formula you can: 

• Generate a Wealth of High-converting Leads that tell you which of your products or services they want, and when they want to buy them. • Get More Sales and/or Appointments in Less Time • Drive Sales and Marketing Costs Down • Never make a Cold Call again, EVER and... • Finally Say Goodbye to Poor Performing Leads  

"We got more consumer information and that drove our close rate 621% HIGHER than other lead sources." KEVIN SHARP CEO, ICE Vacations Asia-Pacific  

"We averaged 2.5 donation opportunities per lead, which helped to More Than TRIPLE our usual close rate to 34.15%."

CAROL IRELAND CEO, Epilepsy Action Australia